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With the purpose of celebrating the city of Brussels, “What’s Up   Brussels?” will introduce its talented youth through a show that is entirely dedicated to urban culture and its various elements (Music, dance, fashion, skatepark, food trucks, street art, etc.)

2016 was undoubtedly the year where Belgian Hip Hop rose to the forefront of the French speaking world through a proliferation of a plethora of talented artists. Nevertheless, while a handful of them are making a name for themselves on an international level, the majority of Belgian rappers are still in the shadows, and are more than eager to show their talent to the world.

Hip Hop is much more a culture than it is an art form. Indeed, Hip Hop was originally a term to express the action of one’s mind being elevated through the use of creativity, wit, and one’s physical potential (voice, hands, etc.). Often misunderstood and a subject to blatant clichés, the Belgian Hip Hop youth is only asking for one thing, and that is to have the opportunity to express itself publicly.

Providing Brussels with a stage that is open to such artists coming from various walks of life will represent a significant exposure of cultural diversity and richness. Moreover, various youth centres which are actively involved in the social life of the neighbourhoods which they represent, will contribute to the project. Fifteen hip hop artists from Brussels will have the opportunity to express and promote their art and culture, as well as bring joy to the public on a stage specially dedicated to this.

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Who We support

Far from being disconnected from the issue of solidarity given the coming of the winter period, the audience’s attention will be directed towards the life conditions of the homeless. While the streets can be a canvas for creative expression for some, it is a prison for others. Activities driven towards sensitization and fund raising will take place during the day in partnership with the NPO Operation Thermos (choice of NPO still not definite). Operation Thermos specialises in offering meals and hot beverages to the homeless, in various train and metro stations of Brussels. The NPO is not subsidised and can, therefore, only count on donations of people and organizations that believe in their cause.

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