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The event’s highlight will be the concert that will take place at La Madeleine. This concert will bring both young up and coming artists and the selected dancers to the forefront. About 15 Brussels based artist will take the stage. The concert will be supported by one or many internationally renowned artists that will play the role of the young talents’ godfathers.


Dance Battle

A dance battle will be organised inside the Ravenstein gallery, where a stage will be set up with a DJ that will play the beats on which the dancers will dance.

Dancers will face-off each other in front of world renowned judges. Finally, three winners will be selected and will go back home with various prizes (Money Price). 


A significant element of the Hip Hop culture that should not be forgotten is DJing. Therefore, it goes without saying that numerous Brussels-based DJs will be present during the entirety of the event. They will fire up the crowds during the outdoor activities, as well as during the concert and fashion show. Their song selection and mix will guarantee an event the audience is not ready to forget. 

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